12 VDC Automotive Relays

12 VDC Automotive Relays

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Automotive Relays CJ(ACJ) Series

COMPACT SLIM TWIN AND SINGLE TYPE AUTOMOTIVE RELAY CJ(ACJ) Series .This Relay is Compared to our previous miniature type CT relay, both the 1 Form C and 10-pin and 8-pin twin types take up approx. two-thirds the space and volume. This makes them ideal for relay unit miniaturization .

*Features :-

  • It is extremely compact at approx. 2/3 the size of previous products.
  • Compact and high-capacity 25 A load switching
  • Pin in Paste compatible model added
  • Environmental protection specifications  

*Applications :-

  •  Powered windows
  •  Automatic door locks 
  • Electrically powered mirrors
  •  Powered sunroofs
  •  Powered seats
  • Lift gates
  •  Smart J/B related products

*Technical Details :-

  •  Switching Current (max) Max :20A(N.O),10A(N.C)
  • Max .Switching Voltage -16VDC
  • Contact Arrangement - 1C,1CX2
  • Coil Voltage -12V(DC)
  • Mounting Method - PCB,PIP 
*Available Parts:-  ACJ1112, ACJ1112P,ACJ2112,ACJ2112P,ACJ5112,ACJ5112P,ACJ5212,ACJ5212P etc.