Thermal Conductive Grease

Thermal Conductive Grease

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3M  Thermally Conductive Grease TCG-2036

3M  Thermally Conductive Grease TCG-2036 is a premium thermal interface material engineered to transfer thermal energy from a heat source (e.g.: processor chip, graphic chip. etc.) to a heat sinking or heat spreading surface. 3M grease TCG-2036 is specifically designed to be applied by tooling or syringe dispensing. It can be also applied by screen printing with compatible mesh .

Features :-

  • Excellent bulk conductivity
  • Superior thermal impedance
  • Non-silicone based formulation without siloxane contamination risk
  • Screen printing and tooling dispensing available


  • Thermal interface material for CPU on thermal modules, such as notebook, desktop, server, etc.
  • Thermal interface material between heat sink or heat spreader for LED lighting.