Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape

Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape

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3M  Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape 5558

3M  Ultra-Thin Water Contact Indicator Tape 5558 is an ultra-thin, 6.0 mil (152 micron) thick tape used to indicate water contact. The tape permanently changes from white to red upon direct water contact. 

*Features of  Contact Indicator Tape 5558:-

Film Top Layer

  • Printable by thermal transfer, flexographic, and screen printing methods
  • Provides improved ink receptivity 

Paper Backing

  • Highly absorbent, transports water to show indications 

Total Construction

  • Rotary die cuttable
  • Thinner to enable slim electronics device design 

*Applications  of Contact Indicator Tape 5558:-

  • The ultra thin caliper, 6.0 mils total, is suitable for applications with tight design tolerances .
  • Use as a water contact indicator in handheld or portable electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and phablets, laptop computers and keyboards, wearable electronic devices, gaming and MP3 players, two-way radios and cordless phones, digital and video cameras, Li-MH batteries and chargers.