4A S Series Power Relay

4A S Series Power Relay

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4A Power Relay -S Series

We  are authorized supplier of 2a2b/3a1b/4a 4A Polarized Power Relays S Series with a wide range in all India. The compact size of the 4G-BA mechanism enables the provision of many kinds of package, including 2a2b, 3a1b, and 4a. These meet your needs across a broad range of applications.

Features :-
  •     Compact with high sensitivity
  •     Strong resistance to vibration and shock
  •     High reliability and long life
  •     Ability to provide wide-ranging control
  •     Latching types available
  •     Wide variety of contact formations available
Applications :-

  •     Telecommunications equipment
  •     data processing equipment
  •     facsimiles
  •     alarm equipment
  •     measuring equipment
Technical  Details :-
  •      Switching Current (max) - Max.: 4A ,MIN:100uA
  •     Max .Switching Voltage  200V(DC),250(AC)
  •     Contact Arrangement: 2a2b/3a1b/4a 4A
  •     Coil Voltage -3,5,612,24,48V(DC)
  •     Mounting Method : PCB
We have ready stock ...S3-DC12V, S2-DC12V, S2-DC24V, S3-DC24V, S4-DC24V , S4-DC12V , S2-DC24V.