9448HKB Double Coated Tape

9448HKB Double Coated Tape

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3M Double Coated Tape 9448HKB 

3M Double Coated Tape 9448HKB is a high adhesion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive coated on both sides of a black flexible nonwoven film. It has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including low surface energy materials.

Features of Double Coated Tape :-

  • Better adhesion to rough surfaces
  • High adhesion acrylic adhesive
  • Black version of 9448HK
  • Standard nonwoven tape
  • Excellent adhesion to LSE plastics and polypropylene
Applications of Double Coated Tape :-

Logo Bonding , Touchpad Bracket Assembly , Battery Bonding , Memory Card Bonding , Case Assembly , Foam Gasket Bonding , Camera Module Assembly , Electronic Component Bonding, Battery Door Attachment , Module Bonding to PET Card , Wire and Cable Clip Attachment , Speaker Module Assembly , Touchpad Assembly , Rubber Feet Bonding, Foam Bonding