AH1(FJ) Ultra Miniature Switches

AH1(FJ) Ultra Miniature Switches

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ULTRA-MINIATURE AH1 (FJ) SWITCHES WITH HIGH PRECISION.Ultra-miniature type available in over 100 variations whose integrally molded terminal block prevents soldering flux from entering the housing. We are supplying Miniature micro Switch, Ultra miniature switch, push switch, toggle switch, pressure switch, safety switch, lock switch, Limit Switch, operational Switch, Slide Switch, Push Botton Switch, Snap Action Switch, Rocker Switch, Rotary Switch, Voltage Selector Switch and Many more.

*Features of  AH1 (FJ) SWITCHES:-
  • Integrally molded terminal block— prevents soldering flux from entering into housing
  • Compact size —minimizes size of equipment
  • Flat terminal shape—makes soldering easy
  • Low-level circuit type available
  • Self-standing PC board terminal type available

 *Applications of AH1 (FJ) SWITCHES:-

  • Computer mouse
  • Charger unit for mobile phone
  • Detection of key position for automobiles

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