AQS221N2S) Series Photomos Relay

AQS221N2S) Series Photomos Relay

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We are supplier and trader a photomos relay AQS221N2S RF SOP 4 Form A C × R10 in all India . Space-saving low C×R type with 4 channels in a SOP16-pin package.

  •       4-channel (4 Form A) in a small SOP16-pin package.
  •       Both low on-resistance (R type) and low capacitance (C type) available at excellent characteristics of C×R10.
  •       High-speed switching of 0.03ms (C type, typical turn on time).
  •       Applicable for 4 Form A use, as well as 4 independent 1 Form A.


  •        Measuring and testing equipment IC tester, Liquid crystal driver tester, Semiconductor performance tester,  
  •        Telecommunication and broadcasting equipment.
  •        Medical equipment Ultrasonic wave diagnostic machine.
  •        Multi-point recorder Warping, Thermo couple, etc..

*Technical Application:-

  •        Contact Arrangement-4a
  •        Load Voltage-40V
  •        Load Current-0.06A
  •        Special Feature-Low CxR
  •       Standard Package- 4pin sil

Available part: AQS221R2S, AQS221N2S, AQS221R2SX, AQS221N2SX.