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Automotive Relays

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Automotive Relays EV Series

We are supplier of  Capsule contact mechanism and high-capacity cut-off compact  EV (AEV)Automotive Relays in all india  .This Relays are Charged with hydrogen gas for high arc cooling capacity, short gap cutoff has been achieved at high DC voltages .High safety achieved with construction that prevents explosions by keeping the arc from leaking.

*Features of Automotive Relays EV Series :-

  •  Compact and lightweight 
  •  Safety 
  • High contact reliability  

 *Applications of Automotive Relays EV Series :-

  •  High DC voltage applications such as
  • Electric vehicle 
  • Hybrid vehicle
  • Fuel-cell vehicle
  • Battery charge and discharge systems
  • Construction equipment

*Technical Details:-

  • Switching Current (max)  10A,80A,300A(1A)
  • Max .Switching Voltage 400VDC
  • Contact Arrangement 1A
  • Mounting Method - Faston terminal, Screw terminal
  • Coil Voltage -12,24V(DC) 
*Available Parts # AEV110122, AEV18012, AEV17012, AEV110242 , AEV14024 , AEV19024  and many more .