CI Insulated Enclousers

CI Insulated Enclousers

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We are supplier and distributor of Eaton CI Insulated Enclousers in all over india to our valuable customers .CI insulated enclosures is insensitive to large temperature changes (from -40 °C to +120 °C) and also resistant to all kind of climatic conditions and adverse outdoor conditions.

Features :-
  • CI System of modular design, suitable for application as motor control centre or distribution board. It is a wall-mounted or floor-standing system
  • CI System guarantees maximum safety to operators, since voltage transmission to the outside of the installation is absolutely impossible
  • Impact resistant, 100%
  • With a rated current up to 1600 A, a short-time withstand current of 66 kA/1 s max., form 4a separation and a IP65 degree of protection
  • Transparent covers ease maintenance and visual checks
  • CI System guarantees long-standing service under stringent operating conditions, such as encountered on refineries, chemical plants, and heavy industry
  • Insulation is safer than earthing
  • Rated voltage AC: 690V, insulation voltage AC: 1000V. Rated voltage DC: 1000V, insulation voltage DC 1500V
Applications :-
  • Power-Wind , Solar energy, Steelworks, Foundries, Mining, Refineries, Bakeries, Camp sites
  • Drinks industry, Transport companies, Underground garages, Agriculture, Chemical industry
  • Woodworking industry, Gypsum works, Food industry, Water works, Sewage plants, Buildings, Storage depots, Lime works, Slaughterhouses
*Types of Enclousers :- Basic Enclousers , Prepared Enclousers , Enclousers with device fitted