Compact Type Automotive Relays

Compact Type Automotive Relays

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Automotive Relays JJ-M Series

COMPACT SIZE AUTOMOTIVE RELAY  JJ-M Series Over 2 x 105 openings possible with a 14 VDC motor load, an inrush current of 25 A, and steady state current of 5 A.The terminal array used is identical to that used in small automotive relays.

*Features of  Automotive Relays JJ-M Series :

  • Compact size
  •  Perfect for automobile electrical systems
  • Standard terminal pitch employed
  •  Plastic sealed type. Plastically sealed for automatic cleaning.
  •  Line-up of 1 Form A and 1 Form C 

*Applications of  Automotive Relays JJ-M Series :-

  • Power windows
  •  Auto door lock
  •  Electrically powered sun roof
  • Electrically powered mirror 
  • Cornerring lamp, etc. 

*Technical Details:-

  • Switching Current (max) - Max :20A(N.O),10A(N.C)
  • Max .Switching Voltage -16VDC
  • Contact Arrangement  -1A,1C
  • Coil Voltage -12V(DC)
  • Mounting Method -  PCB

*Check Out Our Available Series  :- JJM1A-12V , JJM1-12V etc..