HEPV Series Power Relays

HEPV Series Power Relays

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HEPV Series Power Relays

We are reputed supplier of  Compact size, 1 Form A 35A/48A/90A Power Relays for Solar Inverter  HE RELAYS PV Type  in india from Faridabad( Haryana).

Features of  HEPV Relays  :-

  • High capacity and compact size

  •  Contact GAP

  • Contributes to energy saving in devices thanks to reduced coil hold voltage

  • High insulation and 10,000V surge breakdown voltage 

 Applications  of  HEPV Relays  :-

  •  Inverter (Solar and industrial)

  •  UPS

  •  Stationary charging stand 

Technical Details:-

  • Switching Current (max)  35A,48A,90A

  • Max .Switching Voltage  MIN 277V(AC),110V(DC)

  • Contact Arrangement 1A

  • Coil Voltage -6,9,12,24V(DC)

  • Mounting Method  PCB

    Available Stock Part :-  HE1aN-P-DC6V-Y5 , HE1aN-P-DC9V-Y5 , HE1aN-P-DC12V-Y5, HE1aN-P-DC24V-Y5