High Switching  Power Relay

High Switching Power Relay

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G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay

We are supplier of Electric and Housing Euipments in all India. We have a 16 Amp  High Switching Current, General-purpose Latching Relay  G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay  for our valuable customers with technical specifications.

 *Features  of  G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay :-

  •  Creepage distance 8 mm between coil and contacts.
  •  10 kV Impulse withstand voltage.
  •  Ambient Operating Temperature 85°C
  • Suitable for TV-8 rating. (SPST-NO (1a)) 

*Applications of G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay :-

  •  Housing equipments
  • Building Automation
  • UPS, FA equipment
  •  Electric power meter 

*Technical Specifications of G5RL-U/-K PCB Power Relay :-

  •  Contact Form    -SPST-NO
  • Switching Current (max) -16A
  • Coil Type  Single-winding latching, Double-winding latching
  • Terminal Shape  -PCB terminals
  • Enclosure- Flux Protection 
*Available Stock Parts: -G5RL-U1A-E-DC3, G5RL-U1A-E-DC5, G5RL-U1A-E-DC6, G5RL-U1A-E- DC12, G5RL-U1A-E-DC24,G5RL-U1-E -DC3 , G5RL-U1-E-DC5, G5RL-U1-E-DC6 , G5RL-U1-E -DC12 , G5RL-U1-E--DC24,G5RL-K1A-E-DC5 , G5RL-K1A-E-DC12 , G5RL-K1A-E-DC24,G5RL-K1-E-DC5, G5RL-K1-E-DC12 ,G5RL-K1-E-DC24 etc.