Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

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AQ-H Solid State Relays

We are supplying a 1.2Amp Compact DIP type SSR Ideal for AC load control  AQ-H-DIP TYPE  Solid State Relays to customers in all india.This relay handles both voltages in a single product. It is not necessary for users that use both types to manage separate part numbers.

Features :-
  • Supports 0.3 A, 0.6 A, 0.9 A and 1.2 A ON-state RMS currents.
  • The 1.2 A type saves space with a DIP 8-pin package.
  • Handles both 100 and 200 V AC loads
  • High dielectric strength: 5,000 V AC
  • Two types available: Zero-cross type and Random type


Home appliances (air conditioner, microwave oven, washing machine, personal hygiene system, refrigerator, fan heater, inductive heating cooker, rice cooker and humidifier, etc.)

Industrial equipment

Technical Specifications:-

  • Type: solid state relay
  • Contact type: 1 Form A
  • Load: AC (zero-cross and non zero-cross)
  • Max. load current: 0.3-1.2
  • Max. load voltage: 600V
  • Package: DIL

Available Stock Parts :- AQH0213, AQH1213, AQH2213, AQH3213, AQH0223, AQH1223, AQH2223, AQH3223, AQH0213A, AQH1213A, AQH2213A, AQH3213A, AQH0223A, AQH1223A, AQH2223A, AQH2213AX, AQH0213AZ etc.