Solid State Relays

Solid State Relays

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We are "E Control Devices " offering the 60Vdc, SPST-NO, DIP6 PCB 500mA 1 Ohm 130pF PCB Mount Solid State Relays - G3VM-61B1  to our customers in all over India.

  • Upgraded G3VM-61 B/E series.
  • Switches minute analog signals.
  • Leakage current of 1µA max. when output relay is open.
  • Continuous load current of 200mA.
  • Load voltage: 0-200V (AC or DC)
  • Available switching configurations: 1 form A & 2 form A
  • Available packing & terminal choices: SOP 4-pin, 6-pin & 8-pin
  • Communication equipment
  • Test & measurement equipment
  • Data loggers
  • Amusement equipment
  • Security systems
*Available series: G3VM-202J1, G3VM-202J1 (TR), G3VM-61GR2, G3VM-61HR1, G3VM41DY1, G3VM-63G/63G (TR), G3VM-61CR, G3VM-61FR, G3VM-401CR, G4VM-401FR, G3VM-601CR, G3VM-601FR, G3VM-61B1, G3VM-61E1, G3VM-61B, G3VM-61E1 (TR), G3VM-61D1 (TR) and more.