Switched Mode Power Supply

Switched Mode Power Supply

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 GIC 24vdc , 2.5A, 60W, 110-240vac - 24BS24AD4E Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) . We have a wide range of SMPS, controllers, digital meter and converter for our customers .

 * Descriptions  :-

  • Manufacturer:-GIC
  • Mounting-DIN Rail
  • Output current:-2.5A
  • Output power:- 60W
  • Output voltage:- 24Vdc
  • Size:- 72mm
  • Supply voltage-110Vac, 115Vac, 240Vac,110- 240Vac, 230Vac                                                          
  • Weigh-0.26
  • Section:-Powering It

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 *We have ready stock.....SMPS 24BS241d2F, SMPS 24BS24BD1F, SMPS 24AS244D6D, SMPS24BS24AD4E etc.