Vacuum Contactors

Vacuum Contactors

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We are offered Eaton Vacuum Contactors - DILM Series with a wide range to our customers in all over india. We supply these vacuum contactors at best prices from Faridabad(Haryana).

Vacuum Contactors with considerable advantages over Air-Break Contactors :-

  •     Switching chamber is maintenance free for the entire device lifespan
  •      Electrical lifespan is longer than air-circuit breakers
  •     Higher packing density and cleaner distribution chamber since no open arcing occurs and no particles are ejected.
  •      High Rated DILM Contactors from 580 Amp up to 1600 Amp AC-3 at 400 V, contactors up to A AC-1
  •      Compact dimensions with high switching power
  •      Direct actuation from plc saves coupler relays
  •      Easy engineering through wide range coils
  •      Cost and energy savings for control panel ventilation due to reduced heat dissipation
  •     Long lifespan through vacuum technology from 580 Amp
*Available Series :-

  •     EATON MOELLER Contactor, 3p+2N/O+2N/C, 315kW/400V/AC3 208216 - DILM580/22(RA250)
  •     EATON MOELLER Contactor, 3p + 2N / O + 2N / C, 1000A / AC3 267214 -DILM1000/22(RA250)
  •     EATON MOELLER Contactor, 3p + 2N / O + 2N / C, 1600A / AC1-106727- DILM1600/22(RAW250)